100% gluten-free Silverlake synthpunk.

The Warhorse is a Silverlake-based retrowave / synthpunk / nihilist-pop band and professional beer consumption unit. To put it more poetically: a post-apocalyptic Rick James industrial fever dream, a tropical dystopia from an alternate future, a detuned analog sunset over an ocean of apathetic heartbeats. (Is that hipster enough for you yet, Pitchfork?) Wrangling influences of 80's party pop, thrashy garage punk, and modern industrial hipstertronica chillwave, The Warhorse thrives on melted synths, destroyed beats, and uncomfortable pitch-shifted vocals. It's kind of dark and rather silly. Rest assured, your parents are gonna HATE it.

Hit up our label for questions / concerns / interviews / swag / whatever: killxallxmusic@gmail.com



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