“Unconventional synth music that dances with brilliance. There’s absolutely no one… and i mean no one out there making music like the warhorse. this is equal parts scary and exciting.” (

“just doing their own thing without worrying about what anyone else thinks about them in turn. It’s about shattering those glass ceilings, subverting expectations, and not giving a fuck… and that’s the (bone apple) tea.” (watermelon Banzai)

“[bone apple tea is] one of the year’s best tracks. The warhorse is a reminder of why i love music so much. they’re pushing boundaries, making music unlike anything out there, and boy is that exciting!” (echosynthetic)

“This will blow every darksynth fan’s mind, no fucking joke.” (Synthpocalypse)


We know you hate EPK overhyped nonsense as much as we do. Here it is simple-like.

  • THE ARTIST: The Warhorse

  • THE SONG: "Bone Apple Tea"

  • THE SOUND: like Com Truise meets System of a Down

  • THE ‘FOR FANS OF’: Reggie and the Full Effect, Health, Carpenter Brut, Deadsy.

  • THE SHORT SUMMARY: Sophomore album later in 2019. First single is “Bone Apple Tea”. Seeking coverage for music video premiere. It’s a physical maxi-single CD release too, with remixes from Occams Laser and Facexhugger, b-sides, and more.

  • THE RELEASE DATE: Tuesday, June 11, 2019

  • THE FORMAT: Digital, CD

  • THE BASIC GENRE: Synthpop / Synthpunk


  • THE HOME BASE: Little Skidrokyo, Los Angeles, CA

Photo by Jesse Dacri.

And now for the extravagant publicity jargon, because we know that sometimes you need that too:


Following up on their “unlistenable” (Razorcake Magazine) debut album CHUBS (which managed to be the best-selling album EVER at legendary Los Angeles record shop Vacation Vinyl), Los Angeles’ scrappy synthpunk duo The Warhorse is soon unleashing their sophomore full-length monstrosity It’s Been Fun, It’s Been Real, It’s Been Funereal.

The first single, “Bone Apple Tea,” hits shelves on Tuesday, June 11, 2019, complete with remixes from synthwave heavyweights Facexhugger and Occams Laser, as well as two album b-sides and more (both as a digital release and a physical CD maxi-single). The music video is directed by Black Coffee (best known for their work with Meek Mill, DNCE, and Rebecca Black, among many others). Keytar-strapped lead singer Topher Hendricks says, "I think ["Bone Apple Tea"] is basically, like, about becoming disillusioned with the grand ideal people build up of themselves in their heads, and how it's often impossible for people to see beyond their own tiny little interpretation of reality. The truth is that nature doesn't really care what you're up to no matter how important you think you are.”

The new record takes their signature synthwave-tangential sound and pumps it full of the guilty pleasures of their youth, while (mostly) staying true to their nihilist pop roots. “It’s just a pop record,” Hendricks says. “But I think it takes the disillusionment we hinted at on the past material and just says, well, humanity’s probably not got that much time left so let’s just go for it full-bore while we’re still here.” There’s a running current of weighing accelerationism throughout, finding solace in the promise and fulfillment of entropy, and the inevitable succession and triumph of nature over man. “That description gives it a lot of credit. We just like drinking beer and laughing at ourselves.”

While the essence of synthwave remains present, there's a distinct leap into heavier territory here since CHUBS. Combining the synthy and sweet with the heavy groove of nu-metal and raw sounds of hardcore makes for an odd, abrasive mixture, but that's the intent. "Yeah, we just want to make music that appeals personally to us and the nuanced confused way we feel throughout the day. And honestly, we’re just making what we want to make, so we're not expecting it to be for everyone, or really anyone. If any of your friends are into it, maybe stay away from them."

The full album is expected later in 2019, featuring guests like Street Cleaner, Kent State, Facexhugger, Chelsey and the Noise, Party Nails, and more.

[Bios of various lengths available upon request]

Why should i give a shit about the warhorse?

  • We’ve seen plenty of guitar / drum duos in the past, but a keytar / electronic drum duo? Heck.

  • Exploits the millennial nostalgia for their guilty pleasures of both 80’s synthpop and 90’s nu-metal.

  • An extremely unique blend of genre between synthpop and hard rock.

  • Songs that attempt to grapple with the impossible times we’re living in and people we’re living with.

  • Plenty of sardonic humor to go around, and a refreshingly accessible non-pretentious attitude.

  • One dude wears a bag over his head so it’s pretty much dollar store Slipknot.

  • It’ll definitely confuse your parents.

Photo by Jesse Dacri.

Photo by Jesse Dacri.

Outrun the Sun | June 24, 2017 | 1720, Los Angeles | Photo by Nathan Larimer


The Warhorse has curated a Spotify playlist of many of the inspirations behind their evolving sound on the new record. Moving beyond their synthwave roots, the new record borrows from more disparate sources, such as electro, post-rock, nu-metal, punk, and more. The 15 song playlist pulls in a handful of various tunes the band has been listening to lately, featuring artists such as BOAN, Daughters, The Chariot, and even (yeah, seriously) Limp Bizkit. Give it a laugh HERE.


  1. Bone Apple Tea (03:16)

  2. Yeah Ok Ozymandias (04:12)

  3. Jinn & Juice (04:10)

  4. Bone Apple Tea (Occams Laser Remix) (03:39)

  5. Bone Apple Tea (Facexhugger Remix) (04:14)

  6. Bone Apple Tea (Acoustic) (03:02)

  7. Bone Apple Tea (Radio Edit) (03:04)*

  8. Bone Apple Tea (Instrumental) (03:16)*

*FCC Clean

Premiere notes

The official release day of the full maxi-single is June 11, 2019 (both digital and physical versions). We are happy to have the video (and any other details about the release) premiere on selected press outlets up to one week earlier.

Photo by Jesse Dacri.

Photo by Jesse Dacri.


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