A post-apocalyptic Rick James industrial fever dream, a tropical dystopia from an alternate future, a detuned analog sunset over an ocean of apathetic heartbeats. 

100% Gluten-Free SILVERLAKE SYNTHPUNK. It's Kind of dark, and rather silly.


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 - Named 'featured artist of the week' on LA Music.

Collaborating from coast to coast of these United States, The Warhorse thrives on detuned analogue keyboards, destroyed beats, melted synths, and pitch-shifted vocals, wrangling the influences of 80's party pop, metalcore and trashy garage punk, and modern industrial hipstertronica chillwave. Glazed in a thick layer of morbid foreboding, the ominous melodies and melodramatic soundscapes give way to an optimistic yet sardonic tinge that just won't take anything too seriously. The brainchild of 20-something-year-old Topher Hendricks, The Warhorse kicked off in Ithaca, NY, in 2011, but is now based in Silverlake, Los Angeles. Fueled off a steady diet of single malt and grilled jalapenos, this is music your mom just doesn't get.

The debut full length album CHUBS hits shelves sometime in 2016, featuring 10 feisty all-new 80s-infused tracks on your choice of 180g vinyl, dual-sided cassette, or computer-direct. Featuring guests like Pigeon John, Rapper Shane, and Aaron Staniulis, mixed by the ever-so-talented Jason Staniulis at Germano Studios New York, and featuring excellent artwork designed by Mikey Pendola. Pre-orders will start sometime in the next couple months, including new merch like stickers and t-shirts and hey I'm open to suggestion if you really want a warhorse-branded tracksuit or something (the broadway play not my music).

First single off the album, "DO WORK (feat. Pigeon John & Chris Henry)" is out now via all your favorite digital music retailers, and for free download at thewarhorse.bandcamp.com.

Special thanks to 30th Floor Records for their help with the release. 

We hope you enjoy. Though not too much; we'd be worried about you if you did.

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