Official Music Video

Why do a music video for a hot new single when you could do one for an instrumental interlude? From the upcoming full-length album CHUBS, available this fall on vinyl/cassette/computers. Pre-orders soon.

And, well, I guess unintentionally our aesthetic is officially now grocery store items with crudely-cut eyeholes.

Directed by Alex Henes. Edited by Anthony Tocchio. Presented by KILL ALL MUSIC. Starring Georgi McCauley, Isabel Galupo, and Kate Marley. Mixed by Mathieu Bedwani @ Gated, UK. Mastered by Jason Staniulis @ Germano Studios, NY.


album teaser trailer


CHUBS, the first full-length album from The Warhorse. 10 feisty 80s-infused tracks on your choice of 180g vinyl, dual-sided cassette, or computer-direct. All your mom's favorite music genres (retrowave + electro punk + synthpop) colliding in an abrasive cacophony of false retro homage.

Featuring guests like Pigeon John, Rapper Shane, and Aaron Staniulis, and mixed by the ever-so-talented Jason Staniulis at Germano Studios, New York.

Special thanks to KILL ALL MUSIC for their help with the release.

Video shot by Alex Henes of Hotel for Dads.